Tents and Canopy's

We carry a full line of tables, chairs, linens, chair covers, runners and overlays.

8 foot by 30 inch banquet tables $10.00 each
6 foot by 30 inch banquet tables $9.00 each
5 foot by 30 inch banquet tables $8.50 each
8 foot by 30" Serpentine tables $28.00 each
60 inch Round tables (seat 8) $10.50 each
48 inch Round tables (seat 6) $9.50 each
32 inch round Tables $9.50 each
43 inch tall "Bistro" Tables $11.00 each
(taller for standing at)
32 inch Round 36 inch tall guest book/sign-in tables (these sit higher than guest tables) $9.50 each
42 inch square tables (seat 4) $9.50 each

White folding chairs for weddings. $1.25 each
Black folding chairs. $1.25 each
Brown Folding Chairs $1.00 each
White chair back covers. $ 1.25 each
3/4 White Chair Back Covers $2.00 each
Full chair covers in white, black and ivory.$4.50 each
Numerous colors of sash's (organza & satin) $1.00 each

We carry numerous colors of linens, square and round and rectangle.
White and Ivory satin stripe linens.
Organza toppers in various colors.
Table Runners in Satin, Crush, Damask, Zebra, Brocade and floral patterns. $5.50 each
White and Ivory round lace overlays. $12.50 Each
Linen banquet skirting in numerous colors. $24.00 Ea.
Lace banquet skirting in white and ivory. $24.00 Ea.
Topper linens in Batten-burg, tissue lame, organza, zebra, damask and floral patterns and crinkle.
We have 48 colors of topper linens all in various sizes.

Chair Covers:
Full chair covers in White, black and Ivory.
Sash's in over 30 various colors (Organza & Satin)

Linen Colors

Fuchsia Linens and White Full Chair Covers

Full White Chair Covers with White Organza Sash's

White Chairs and White Iron Arch
32" round and 36" tall table is used for the guest book/sign in table. It stands taller to allow guests to sign the guest book at a taller height not making them lean down as far. Can be skirted to the floor and tied with a complimenting color. These tables rent for $9.50 each.
Bistro style tables, 32" round tables sit high at 43" tall and are used for standing at for drinks and appetizers. Can be dressed to the ground and tied or just with a topper linen. These tables rent for $11.00 each.

Tall Bistro Table with Tied Linen

Round Table with Linen To Floor
With Polka Dot Runner and Full
White Chair Cover and Organza
Sash decorated with single flower.

Square guest tables can seat up to 12 people. Tables are 5 foot square and can be covered with linens to the floor or to chair seat height.

White Chairs and Pergola

White Chairs showing floral lined aisle.

White Chairs (Front Side)

Outside wedding showing round tables and white folding chairs.

Outside wedding showing the white folding chairs and the iron column arch and iron aisle markers.

Inside wedding using the Black chairs with an organza sash tied on each one.

Outside wedding showing 60" round tables with white chairs each one tied with a black sash.

Inside wedding showing the full black chair covers with a red sash.

Our 20' x 30' canopy can be used with the sides on or off. It will accommodate approximately 10 round tables with chairs or 80 chairs for the ceremony with an aisle. It is all white and the sides are also all white solid or with windows. It is very easy to set up and take down. It does have ropes and stakes that have to be secured down.
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