These are just a few of the centerpieces we offer to accent your wedding. We can customize centerpieces to match your theme, colors and flowers.

Vintage Collection for
centerpieces on wood base.
Wood Slices rent for $1.00 each 14" diameter (approx.)
Vintage Vases and candles vary in price from .35 to $2.00 each.

Doily's rent for .50 cents each (various sizes and shapes)
Vintage vases and candles vary in price from .35 to $2.00 each.

Glass cylinder vase with battery candle, rocks base and burlap wrap.
Rent for $5.00 each

Black iron table lantern with battery candle.
Rent for $3.50 each
5 1/2" x 8" we have 6 of these.

Round black iron table lantern with battery candle.
Rent for $3.50 each.
7 1/2" x 7" we have 12 of these.
Larger lanterns 12 1/2" x 12" we have 3 of these.

White Iron table lanterns hold a battery candle. Rent for $ 3.50 each 5" x 7" we have 12 of these.

Glass vase with pine cones and purple statice and lace wrap.
Rent for $8.00 each.

Vintage vases for centerpieces.

Vintage Chic collection with ivory rose kissing ball.

Vintage Chic Centerpiece Cream square wire cage with burlap and cream lace with floral accents and a battery pillar candle. 13" high 13" wide.
Rent for 12.50 each. Includes battery candle

Flat glass bowl with floating coral and peach flowers.
Small flat glass bowls with gems and flowers rent for $9.00 each and Large bowls with flowers and gems rent for $12.50 each.

Elegant green calla lily and
hydrangea centerpiece is a
beautiful addition to any table.

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Clear Square vase with grapevine ball and calla lily's with curly willow with white hydrangeas. Arrangement 29" high and 10" wide. Vase 5" square 10" high.
Iron Tripod with calla lily's, sticks with pearls and organza and pearls on table. Iron Tripods rent for $12.00 each (plain)
Mirrors rent for $1.00 Each.

Ivory Cage with burlap and lace. Decorated with ivory flowers and battery candle. 13" high and 13" wide.
(close up) Rents for $12.50 includes battery candle

Glass Cube Centerpieces in multiple sizes and can be accompanied by several other sizes. 6" high and 6" wide.

Black Iron Cage Centerpiece decorated with succulents and purple flowers. Holds a battery votive candle. Rents for $12.00 each.

Another style of the black iron cage centerpiece. Rents for $12.00 Each.

Vintage verdigris vases shown with topiary greenery balls and white rose balls, many different uses.

6 inch square glass cube vase with ribbon and "Acrylic Ice" holding a battery pillar candle. 6" high and 6" wide.
More uses of glass cube vases. We have lemons, limes, little green apples and numerous colored gems and rocks that can accent the vases. 5" wide 9" high (limes) 5" square cube (lemons)
Iron tripod centerpiece with a custom silk floral bouquet. Tripods rent for $12.00 each (Plain/Undecorated)
Square Cube Vase with custom silk floral.
3" x 3" clear square vase is 8" tall with black sticks and damask ribbon wrap. 35" total height
Square vase 3" square 8" high with gerbera daisy's and berry stems. Wrap can be done in many different styles using ribbon, raffia, rope, grass or anything you can think of. Pearl colored gems in the bottom of the vase.
3" square vase 6" tall with calla lily's and grass loops. 2" square cube vases with battery votive candles. Can be decorated with many different style flowers or ribbons.
2" square clear vase is 6" tall and has a yellow tulip tussie bouquet with a silver ribbon wrap around the vase. Accompanied by 2" cube vase with battery votive candle. 8" round mirror base. We offer several style tussie bouquets to choose from and ribbon choices.
5" square clear vase is 10" tall with sticks and a few cascading flower stems. 26" high
Hydrangea Topiary's We have several floral tussie bouquets to change the look of our topiary centerpieces. The vase/container is interchangeable with the stems middle section. These rent for $11.50 Each
White rose topiary's. Another option with our interchangeable topiary's with tussie bouquets.
Black Iron Vase with battery candle with small cubes and pine branch accents. Black Iron vase with candle and ribbon rent for $12.50 Each.

White tulip bouquet in the galvanized and wicker pot, turned on it's side for a casual look accented with cream lace and greenery.
Galvanized vase with tulip bouquet.
(close up)

Twig vase with Cream Hydrangeas and a pussy willow stem. Accented with burlap and lace. Rent for $12.00 each.
Stick vase with Pussy willow's and cream hydrangeas. Can use any color ribbon for an accent. 28" high and 10" wide. (close up) Rent for $12.00 each.
Small bistro style table with cream linen tied with sandlewood and burlap accents. Displaying 3 Vintage Chic centerpieces.
Brass table candelabra holds 5 candles or glass votives with battery tea lights. Can be accessorized by floral rings or a simple ivy ring. Rent for $9.50 each.

Brass candelabra 8 1/2" wide 11" high (close up) Rent for $9.50 Each.
What a breath of fresh air!
This bright floral centerpiece
has fuchsia roses, lilacs,
yellow ranuculas, purple statice and
many more colors and styles.
Beautiful addition to any wedding.
12" high and 17" wide
Rent for $12.50 Each.

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Black Iron cage decorated with climbing flowers holds a votive candle. This piece may also be accessorized with a floral ring or ribbon. 17" high and 8" wide
Rent for $12.00 Each.

Brown Column Hurricane centerpiece can hold many different items. Shown with small green apples and white flowers. 17" high and 8" wide.
Rent for $14.50 Each (includes battery candle)

Crystal Swan with square mirror. Swan can float a flower and use colored gems in the base or be decorated with an arrangement. Also is great for a candy holder on each guest table. 7" high 9" wide
Mirrors rent for $1.00 each
Swans rent for $6.00 each (Plain)

Bright colored gerbera
daisy bouquet in a
whitewashed vase is a
colorful addition to
any summer wedding.
11" high and 14" wide
Rent for $8.50 each.

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Flat glass bowl can be
used to float candles,
fresh flowers, fish or
anything you can think of!

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Large Flat Bowl. Many ways to decorate these bowls, can float a flower or a candle and can use many different gems. 4 1/2" high and 10" wide. Shown on round mirror base.
Mirrors Rent for $1.00 each
Small flat bowls rent for $9.00 each
Large flat bowls rent for $12.50 each

Large Flat Bowl on Square Mirror. 4 1/2" high and 10" wide
Round Flared Vase with Black ribbon and crystal gem. 9" high and 4" wide
Rent for $2.00 each (Plain)

Round Vase with Burlap and Raffia tie accented with a small flower. Holds a battery pillar candle sitting on washed pebbles. Great idea for a vintage chic wedding. 10" high 5" wide
Vase with ribbon rents for $6.00
With candle and rocks $11.50

Silver Candelabra holds
3 candles and is an
elegant addition to
a table. Rents for $3.00 each (No candles)

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Silver Candelabra holding a floral arrangement.
Glass hurricane
holds a taper candle
in a crystal, brass,
or oak base, and can
be complemented by an
ivy or floral ring.

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White iron square cage
can hold a taper, pillar or
battery candle with a floral
ring inside the vase.
13" high and 10" wide.

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Black iron vase will
hold any style candle
or flowers. Can be
accesorized with
floral rings.
14" high and 9 1/2" wide
Rent for $12.00 (Plain/undecorated No Candle)

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Black iron vase with colored sash in the base with a battery pillar candle and a ribbon tied around middle.14" high and 9 1/2" wide
Black Iron vase with coral sash and battery pillar candle accented with silver/grey ribbon. 14" high and 9 1/2" wide
Black iron votive candle centerpiece can be decorated in various designs. 10 1/2" wide and 16" high. Votive holders rent for $8.00 Each includes glass and battery votive candle.

Black Iron Votive holder with 2 battery votive candles.
Black iron in a sweeping design can be complimented with flowers. Holds 3 votive candles. 10" high 12" wide Iron votive holder rents for $8.00 each includes glass and battery votive candle.
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Table top Fountains are on a greenery base. These battery operated fountains give a natural look to any table. 19" wide and 10" wide. Rents for $15.00 each.
Coral Rose Topiary
Centerpiece, cream
pottery base, light
flowing organza ribbon.
Can be accented by ivy
or floral ring around base. Rents for $11.50 Each

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Set of three crystal
candle holders give
an elegant look to
any table. Set of 3 rents for $4.50 (No Candles)

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Set of 3 Crystal candle holders shown plain. Can hold crystal votive cups, taper candles, or done with a floral arrangement in one single holder. Small is 5" tall Medium 6 1/2" tall Large 8" tall.
Set of three rent for $4.50 (No Candles)

Set of 3 crystal candle holders. can hold a taper candle or a crystal votive holder with battery tea light candle. Numerous design options available.
White candle sticks set of 3 can hold taper candles, glass votive holders with battery tea light candles or mix them with a floral arrangement. Candle holders are 7" 9" and 11" tall. Set of 3
Rent for $4.50 (No Candles)

Set of 3 white candle stick holders with white taper candle and glass votive holder and plain. 7" 9" 11" tall.
White Candle sticks (close up)
This tall table
candelabra hold
5 votive candles
and be decorated
many different ways.
34" high and 20" wide. Rents for $25.00 Each (Includes glass and battery votive candle)

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Iron tripod with floral tussie bouquet. Has a mirror base. Can be accented with flower petals, pictures and many more options. 28" high and 13" wide. Rents for $12.00 each (plain)
Mirrors rent for $1.00 Each

White Iron stand holds a glass vase and tussie bouquet. Great for summer weddings. Multiple tussie choices available. 32" high 9" wide Rents for $12.00 each (Plain)
Round white iron cage holds a pillar candle or a flower bouquet. 13" high and 12" wide Rents for $9.50 each includes battery candle and floral ring.
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White Iron Cage with floral ring and battery pillar. 13" high and 12" wide
Rents for $9.50 each includes battery candle and floral ring.

Pastel floral bouquet
will bring a variety
of spring colors into
any wedding.
12" high 17" wide. Rent for $8.50 each

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Pewter candle stick gives an elegant look to your guest tables. Can be complimented with colored flower petals or a floral or greenery base ring. Candle stick is 8 1/2" and 4" wide Rent for $2.50 Each (No Candle)
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Pewter Candle Stick 4" wide and 8 1/2" high rent for $2.50 each.
Tall Crystal Vase holds a
bouquet of silk Calla Lily's
and Pussy Willows gives an
exceptional height to your
tables. Can be rented separately
for your fresh floral arrangement
Vases Rent for $6.50 each (Plain)

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Eifel Vase with Fall Floral arrangement. 46" high 4 1/2" wide Vases rent for $6.50 each (Plain).
Clear Eifel Vases 30" high and 4 1/2" wide rent for $6.50 Each (Plain)
Black Iron Votive holder
with grape ivy and white
florals holds 2 votive

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Soft yellow roses with
pears and berries accent
this pottery base topiary.
Organza ribbon drapes
softly around base ring
of your choice.

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Crystal Hurricane surrounded
by a eucalyptus ring with
grapes added. A battery candle
or wax candle can be used to
compliment this centerpiece.
Hurricanes rent for $10.00 each (Plain)
Includes Glass/Base/Battery Candle
Various Rings rent for $ 3.50 each to $9.00 each.

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Crystal Hurricane is surrounded
by a pine mixed ring with berries
and pine cones. Can be used for
holiday weddings or fall and
winter wonderland weddings.

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Crystal Vase is surrounded
by silver organza with a
tassel tie. Numerous silk
bouquets to compliment your
color wedding and reception.
Also white and gold organza
wraps and ties available.

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Small Table lanterns 5" x 9" holds a battery candle. 2 of each style and we have 3 styles. Perfect centerpiece for smaller bistro style tables. Rent for
$3.50 each

Small table lanterns 5" x 9" We have 2 of each style 3 different styles. Perfect for smaller Bistro style tables. Rent for $3.50 each

Small table lantern that holds a battery candle. 5" x 9" these are perfect for the smaller bistro style tables. We have 3 different styles and 2 of each style. Rent for $3.50 each.

Black iron tall lantern. 8" square and is 20" tall. Lantern rents for $12.50

Copper & gold lanterns 5 1/2" x 13"
we have 4 of this style. Rent for $7.50 each.

White wash wood and copper roof table lantern. 6 1/2" x 13" rents for $7.50

Galvanized lantern 5 1/2" x 13"
rents for $7.50

Vintage Metal lantern 8" x 16"
Rents for $10.50

Vintage Oval metal lantern
8" x 23" Rents for $12.50

Square Vintage Metal lantern
7 1/2" x 20" rents for $11.50

Vintage metal rectangle lantern
9 1/2" x 13" rents for $10.50

Wood and metal vintage lantern
1 large 7" x 23" rents for $ 12.50
and 2 smaller 6 1/2" x 16" rent for

Wooden metal whitewash lantern
we have 4 of this style
6 1/2" x 12 1/2" rent for $8.50

Metal Vintage lantern
we have 3 of this style
6 1/2" x 12 1/2" rent for
$8.50 each

Whitewash vintage lanterns
we have 2 of this style
6 1/2" x 12 1/2" rents for
$8.50 each

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