Black Iron panels with black iron columns decorated with aqua organza, winter snow pine and ice. Beautiful for a winter wedding decor. Can be used behind a cake or made longer for a full backdrop. (shop display)

Lighted columns with black iron panels decorated with ivy garland and aqua organza. (shop display)

White drawn fabric backdrop with sandalwood ties and bling clips.

Pergola with Garden Floral Spray.

Pergola with matching garden flowers tied on the sides for a cake backdrop.

Side view of the room, showing the entry and gift area.

Iron Column Arch shown with Aqua and Coral flowers and white chiffon draping at the Rosewood Reception Center.

View looking towards the stairs and at the reception tables at the rear of the room.

Pergola with flowers and succulents décor with cream hanging willow garland and crinkle behind. Large flowers on tall brown urns with silver crinkle ties at ISU Stephens Center.

Side view of wedding at ISU Stephens Center with chairs set up with an aisle for the ceremony and tables at the rear. The cake backdrop is on the side.

White satin and Chiffon backdrop with LED lights behind for the cake table.

Draping from Red Lion Column to our Grecian columns with winter pine and ice décor. A beautiful wedding backdrop.
Black and white drawn fabric behind a head table. can also be used for a wedding backdrop or additional wedding décor.
Drawn Burlap and Organza panels with lace added for a backdrop behind the food area.

Vintage doors with icicle lights and burlap wreath make a cute backdrop behind the cupcake area.

Overall look at the food serving and guest table area for a vintage chic wedding.

Square Column Set is accented with lush greenery and sweeping chiffon. Black fabric behind gives a very elegant feeling for your wedding backdrop.
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Grecian Backdrop. Grecian columns decorated with spring colors and crossing chiffon behind creating an elegant look for your wedding décor or reception.
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White Drawn Fabric Backdrop can be decorated with any color or style flower (fresh or silk) and tied with any style bow. Simply Elegant!
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Pergola with trifold doors decorated with aqua and cream florals and lace background.

Burlap panel with drawn organza can be used in the middle of lace / crinkle sheer / or vintage doors. Can be made much longer for a full backdrop and the panels tied with any color to match your décor. (shop display)

Vintage Chic Pergola with
Cream Lace and Burlap accents.
Floral sprays decorate the dark
bronze archway. Great for the vintage wedding décor. Can be used as a vintage wedding backdrop. (shop display)

Vintage doors with top wood section making an entry to the aisle or at sign in table for entry to reception. Doors can be accessorized with burlap wreaths, chalk board signs or photo's.

Oak and Lace Backdrop with arbor in front with western accents.

Tri-Fold Doors with Pergola Backdrop with large floral bouquets on Tall Brown Urns

Vintage wood archway with drawn back cream lace and floral ties, can also have burlap instead of lace.

Old Doors for Vintage Chic
Backdrop, use inside or out.

Oak and lace backdrop with simple décor on top with wooden stands holding flower bouquets and shepherd hooks holding burlap kissing balls.

Vintage Door with floral spray
2 vintage doors make a cake backdrop to match the vintage chic wedding.

Tri Fold vintage doors, set of 2 can be used singly or as a set.
Tri-fold wood and lace divider.
Iron Columns decorated with bright colors and Ivy. A beautiful outdoor look anytime of the year.
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French Doors backdrop accented with lighted columns and greenery create an elegant background for your wedding.
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Round grecian columns with greenery bars and sweeping chiffon add a different look to the traditional grecian column set.
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Black Iron backdrop is decorated with brilliant fall colors to create a beautiful background for your cake
or the bridal couple.

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Decorated grecian arch with
crossing chiffon creates a
beautiful background for the
wedding ceremony or cake.
Accompanied by 2 large floral
bouquets in tall urns.

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Square Grecian set with arch and crossing chiffon is a beautiful backdrop for a wedding or receiving line.
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Grecian columns set up outside
for a elegant outdoor wedding.
Complimented with crossing
chiffon and decorated with your
flowers and colors.

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Iron Column Arch for an outside wedding.
Garden Arbor with large flower bouquets on iron column stands.
Bistro garden wedding with full chair covers and fuchsia linens.
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White iron backdrop is
set up outside for a
simply elegant garden
wedding. Shown with our
white wedding chairs.

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Black Iron Backdrop accessorized with elegant lighted columns make a beautiful backdrop for your wedding. Decorated with pine branch's, crystal sticks and silver netting. Wonderfull!
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Outdoor Grecian Set with fuchsia florals and Chair Sash's on white chairs.
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Black and White drawn fabric with damask ties.
Black and White Drawn Fabric

Square column backdrop with crossing and sweeping chiffon with a black background.
Lighted Chiffon Columns
give an elegant backdrop
to a wedding ceremony
or reception line.

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Square Marble Columns give
your wedding a contemporary
look with the lush greenery
and sweeping chiffon. Elegant!

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Marble Column backdrop with full black chair covers and red sash's.
Marble Columns
Drawn Fabric Backdrop with lights and raspberry ties.
Drawn Fabric Backdrop
French Doors Backdrop with Garden
Arbor and Trees creates an outdoor
look all year. Pole lights add to
the garden look!

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White Iron Backdrop with Lighted Columns makes any time of year perfect for this elegant garden look. Can be decorated with any style and color flowers with greenery.
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Roman Column Backdrop
in an S-Shape design with
climbing ivy and grapes
with Austrian satin

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Grecian Columns decorated with Christmas Winter-land Decor.Crossing Chiffon adds to the elegance. This white column backdrop will compliment any Christmas wedding.
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White Iron Arch decorated for an outside wedding with flowing organza and flowers.
White Iron Arch
Chiffon covered Lighted
Column backdrop add a
soft glow to your reception.
Black background is optional.

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Iron columns used outside with matching
aisle post and white chairs.

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White French Doors accented with chiffon
lighted columns create a beautiful wedding
backdrop for any season.

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Lighted Columns Backdrop have a
soft chiffon cover with ivy and flowers on top.
Very Elegant!

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Black Iron Backdrop creates
a ornate iron style inside or out.
Can be decorated with flowers
and ivy or simply black iron.

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The flowing satin
and twinkle lights
create an contemporary
backdrop for your
wedding or reception.

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Grecian Column Set
with cascading ivy
and springeri on top.
Straight satin behind.

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White Iron Backdrop
compliments any garden

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This arched White Satin Backdrop with white lights adds an elegant touch to the chiffon and ivy trim. Very Nice!
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Roman columns forming a double "S" shape with cascading ivy, white florals, and sweeping chiffon. Creating an elegant Roman look.
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Western Backdrop: Oak with lace
insets. Garden Arbor with rope and
flowers run thru to create a western
arch to frame the couple. Artifical
hay bales and feed bags accent the look.
Flower bouquets soften the scene.

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Scallop top lattice is
complemented with lights,
ivy and greenery bushes
on top with chiffon wrapped
lighted columns. Elegant!

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Cake Backdrops
White Drawn Fabric backdrop with
soft pink florals and bows
compliment any wedding cake.

Drawn Fabric with lights cake backdrop with raspberry ties.
Drawn Fabric Cake Backdrop
Grecian Column Cake Backdrop
with cascading Ivy and White
Flowers creating a beautiful
backdrop behind your cake.

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Grecian Arch decorated with crossing
chiffon and winter florals on top.

Grecian Arch
Square Marble Column Cake
Backdrop surrounds your cake
with contemporary style. What
a compliment to your wedding!

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Drawn Fabric using Black and White
Satin with Damask Ties. (shop display)

Grecian Arch with crossing chiffon.
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Grecian Columnade with Eggplant and Ice decorations. Beautiful and elegant for winter weddings. (shop display)

Drawn fabric with Soft Pink Satin
Tie with Curly Willow and Peony's.
Shown with matching sign in table
full chair covers with pink sash's.
(shop display)

Garden Arbor surrounds a French
Door with lights and ivy.

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Square Grecian Arch with crossing chiffon.
Can be used inside or outside.

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Round Grecian columns with greenery bar and crossing
chiffon for simple backdrop or cake backdrop.

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Columnade with Fuschia and Lime decorations with
matching Polka-dot runners on Fuschia linens.
(shop display)

Grecian Arch spreads
out over a beautiful
cake. Decorated with
ivy and cascading white

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Black Iron Cake Backdrop
accessorizes the black
iron back drop for garden
weddings or inside.

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Square Columns with sweeping chiffon
include a greenery bar on top.

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Chiffon covered columns
with lights and ivy
create a contemporary
setting for your cake.

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Western Buckboard Gift Area
This unique wagon will hold
the gifts and add decor to your
western wedding. Accented with
cedar fence and artificial hay
bales and feed bags. What a great
accessory to the western enthusiast!

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Western Cake Backdrop
The garden arbor with rope
and flowers added compliment
the western wedding. Can be
accessorized with artificial
hay bales and feed bags to
compliment the western look!

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Grecian style gift area.
Column Arch is decorated
with Ivy and Flowers,
accented by Flowing
Fountain and greenery.

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Grecian Columns decorated with Christmas Pine Garlands,
Red Berries and White Poinsettia's with silver accents.

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Sweeping White Satin
points decorate your
cake with simple elegance.
Floral bouquets at points.

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Staggering roman columns
give new height to your
wedding cake. Accented
with greenery on top.

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Roman columns with winter-land garland accented with gold lame and
white poinsettias, a beautiful accent for any Christmas wedding.

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